Human oriented AI
Meet the Visionaries Behind F33.ai

Greg Bigos is the CEO of F33, bringing over decades of experience in delivering ERP solutions for manufacturing, logistics, and retail industries. He leads a team of experts providing cutting-edge AI services to businesses across various industries.

Wit Jakuczun is the CTO/Chief Data Science Officer at Fourteen33 with a PhD in Applied Mathematics and over 18 years of experience in mathematical modeling, data analysis, and simulations.


F33.ai offers professional services, leveraging ai techniques to help people address business challenges.

We believe in a human-oriented approach that lets us break through common bottlenecks: technology issues, misalignment between people, and lack of expertise. 

Over 18 years, we have helped many business leaders avoid costly mistakes and gain real value from AI.
Unique Expertise
We see AI – The combination of machine learning, optimization, and simulation – as a problem-solving tool.  Our complementary skills allow us to create repeatable project templates that start with an urgent situation. Then we dig deeper to understand the underlying contributing factors that make the apparent problem occur.
Rafał Kalinowski
Rafał KalinowskiIT Director / CIO of Dino Company
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“Wit Jakuczun has been delivering AI results for business before anyone knew it was a thing. His depth of knowledge is unparalleled to anyone I've met in the field, and I've talked to many AI "artists.” What I like most about Wit is that he doesn't just look at a problem and add AI; he is always searching to find the real problems – the kind you must dig to understand. What sets Wit apart is his approach to problem-solving. He doesn't simply apply AI to any given problem, but rather, he meticulously seeks out the core issues that need to be addressed. These are often complex problems that require deep understanding and analysis to unravel."
AI Strategic Partner

Whether you find yourself at the onset, exploration phase, or advanced stage of your AI Journey we can adapt and help you with AI Strategic Services.

Let us meet you where you are – and go forward together.
AI Strategic Advisory

AI Strategic Advisory: Do you have a well-defined AI strategy in place? Our tailored AI strategies align with your business objectives, providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations for maximum AI impact.

In-House AI Expertise Incubation

Building in-house AI expertise is a key component of long-term success. We collaborate with your organization, providing training, mentoring, and guidance to empower your employees in driving AI initiatives and fostering innovation.

Templated AI Solutions

Templates are a starting point; we can customize them to meet your needs. We recognize that your challenges are unique, but we’ve found that providing a menu of services simplifies deciding if our team is a match for your company. Templates have also allowed us to move faster and deliver more confidently because we have repeatable tools.

AI Strategy Implementation

Seamlessly integrating AI strategies with your existing systems is crucial for success. Our expertise ensures the deployment of scalable and robust AI solutions that deliver tangible results.

Advanced AI Applications

Our expertise extends to solving complex challenges in areas such as inventory optimization, employee scheduling, route optimization, and more. Leverage advanced AI techniques to unlock new growth opportunities.

Business Optimization with AI

Let us optimize your operations and processes through AI-driven techniques, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and maximizing profitability.

AI-driven decision support templated solutions to start with

We achieve project success by combining state-of-the-art ML-based forecasting and mathematical optimization techniques powered by cloud scalability. Through our battle-tested customizable approach, we can help you set up the initiative, calculate ROI, validate data availability and quality, and deploy a solution that your planners want to use.

We can help you solve the following challenges:
Store Inventory Replenishment Optimization

The right product at the right place and time is a sweet spot for each store chain. Finding a balance between out-of-stocks and excess inventory in a manageable and demand-driven way can be achieved using ML techniques.

Warehouse Layout and Slotting Optimization

The time to ship orders to customers is critical to competitiveness. Continuously rearranging products in your warehouse to the most productive locations can help you follow trends and keep costs low. Support rearrangement with tactical layout redraws and shortest picking paths design to minimize time to ship.

Employee Scheduling

Deciding who, where, and for how long is critical to keep both warehouses and stores running smoothly. While you want to treat employees fairly, you must also maintain a schedule that will generate revenue and profit. Schedules synced with business requirements like deliveries, cash, shelf management, or customer management aligning with legal rules are ways to win.

Production Planning and Scheduling

Reactive planning causes production planning challenges like lost sales, fees for late deliveries, production delays, extra storage costs, and shortages of raw materials. Moving to a proactive approach requires more than ERP systems and spreadsheets.

Transportation Network Optimization

Optimizing transportation networks is crucial for retailers and manufacturers to reduce costs, minimize carbon footprint, and improve customer satisfaction. Adapting to high/low seasons and leveraging demand fluctuations can help businesses efficiently manage their fleets, reduce idle time, and optimize delivery schedules. Building a digital twin of the transportation network allows for the creation of a simulated environment that can test different scenarios and identify areas for improvement.

Analytical Customer Relationship Management

Analytical CRM is all about knowing your customer’s needs. Ability to hear your customers’ voices, optimize communication by selecting a time, product, and message, improving search experience on your webpage or mobile app, all this leads to improved customer experience and in the long term better revenue and lower churn. You can stay ahead of the competition by leveraging insights and data to tailor your offerings to meet the unique needs of your customers, ultimately leading to long-term success