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Highlights from Manifest 2024: F33’s Journey in Las Vegas

This year, F33 had the pleasure of attending this event, representing its innovative approach to artificial intelligence and planning in the manufacturing industry.
Wit's Jakuczun at Manifest

Manifest 2024, one of the most prestigious technology conferences, took place in Las Vegas from February 5th to 7th. This year, F33 had the pleasure of attending this event, representing its innovative approach to artificial intelligence and planning in the manufacturing industry.
Manifest is not only an opportunity to expand knowledge and make contacts but also a platform for companies to showcase their latest achievements and technologies. For F33, participation in Manifest was a chance to present its innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence in production planning.

During the conference, our team had the opportunity to participate in many interesting presentations and panel discussions. However, the highlight was the time spent talking to other participants. We met many interesting people and had many inspiring conversations that could lead to many new business relationships.

Wit's Jakuczun at Manifest

Innovative presentation by our CTO, Wit Jakuczun

Our CTO, Wit Jakuczun, had the opportunity to share our approach to artificial intelligence in the presentation “Transforming scheduling into a competitive edge – the power of AI,” where he presented our innovative solution, Scheduling Assistant. His presentation was warmly received and generated great interest among the audience. As he said:

“F33’s innovative AI copilot, blending GenAI with advanced optimization, revolutionizes business scheduling by enabling multi-scenario planning that caters to diverse corporate needs. This leap forward transcends traditional single-scenario methods, turning scheduling into a strategic asset that significantly boosts efficiency and performance.”

Wit Jakuczun
Wit Jakuczun at Manifest Vegas

Wit’s presentation showed how our solutions revolutionize traditional planning processes in the manufacturing industry.

Additionally, our CEO, Greg Bigos, had the opportunity to meet with other industry leaders, share knowledge and experiences, and build relationships with potential business partners. For our company, Manifest was not only a platform for presentation, but also a place for building strategic relationships and inspiring discussions.

We also had the opportunity to showcase our latest solutions and technologies at the exhibition stand. This allowed us to connect with conference participants, exchange ideas, and present our vision of the future of production based on artificial intelligence.

Participation in the Manifest 2024 conference was an unforgettable experience for our company. It was not only a place where we could present our achievements, but also a platform for building relationships and inspiring discussions. We are excited about the opportunities that the future brings and we look forward to the next challenges and opportunities that will come our way.

Behind F33
Greg Bigos, CEO

Greg Bigos is the CEO of F33, bringing over decades of experience in delivering ERP solutions for manufacturing, logistics, and retail industries.

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Behind F33
Wit Jakuczun, CTO

Wit Jakuczun is the CTO/Chief Data Science Officer at F33 with a PhD in Applied Mathematics and over 18 years of experience in mathematical modeling, data analysis, and simulations.

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