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Molecula and Fourteen33 Deliver Joint Solution to Supercharge your AI / ML

Fourteen33 (F33) and Molecula announced today a strategic partnership. F33 is a professional services company specializing in designing and deploying production-grade, business-focused Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) solutions to some of the largest companies in the world. Molecula is a Cloud Data Access company that simplifies, accelerates, and enables instantaneous, secure access to large, fragmented, and geographically distributed data sets to support the most demanding ML, AI, and IoT workloads.

The goal of the partnership is to help organizations become data driven in this new time of aggressive process and revenue optimization. Through our combined offering, customers can drive decisions in real time from data that has, prior to now, been too costly to access with the required millisecond response times. 

Examples of these insights include real-time product recommendation, dynamic price optimization, fraud detection, customer churn prediction, workforce roster optimization, and predictive maintenance recommendations across IoT-enabled capital equipment.  

The economic challenges of 2020 are driving companies to accelerate the application of AI in their business. However, most struggle to hire the right talent, align all the foundational data, infrastructure, and process components to enable these outcomes.  F33 brings all of the necessary components together, thereby helping customers optimize their business operations. 

F33’s many years of experience has led them to create a proprietary machine learning model lifecycle management platform, Whisky AI.  This automates the process of adding ML features and updating ML models, resulting in quicker ROI for customers. At the critical data access layer of their architecture, F33 uses the Molecula platform, further shortening ROI time by reducing infrastructure costs and allowing fast query access to vast amounts of distributed data. 

Adam Massey, CEO of F33 said, “This partnership and the unique technical advantage of the Molecula platform will allow us to bring unrivaled solutions to the machine learning market which is estimated to grow in size from $7.3B in 2020 to $30.6B in 2024. We are the only machine learning consultancy company in the world who has combined a modern machine learning model lifecycle management platform with a cloud data access platform, enabling real-time modeling and analytics across distributed data sources at scale.”

Molecula’s differentiated approach to Data Access allows enterprises to access all of their data at the speed of thought by making their data AI ready, reducing the time and cost it takes to go from data to business outcome —without pre-aggregating, moving, copying data, nor federating queries to underlying source systems. Uniquely, this approach results in instant access to unlimited disparate data sets and a more efficient analytical data infrastructure, without compromising on governance or compliance and reducing infrastructure footprints by up to 100x.

Molecula’s patented ability to deliver highly-performant representations of large, disparate data sources, provides real-time access to all data in-memory, avoiding data movement and provides a layer of abstraction above the physical implementation of data, irrespective of the source, how it is formatted and where it is physically located.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with F33 to enable the future-proof predictive monitoring of critical operational processes. The massive amount of real-time data being generated by the complex and distributed sources of business intelligence are at a scale that Molecula can uniquely process,” said H.O. Maycotte, CEO and Founder of Molecula. “This integrated solution will modernize the analytical and AI/ML capabilities of Global 2000 organizations who desperately need to simplify, accelerate and improve control over the data being generated by their numerous data sources.”

As we move into a new decade, companies must invest in an upgrade of their fundamental network infrastructure and allow AI to unlock revenue opportunities from the increased amount of real-time data that is being generated by all of their operations systems. Growing inefficiency in data management is costing businesses, delaying decisions, and obstructing real-time insights. 

We’ve reached a tipping point in data access where the effort involved in making data accessible is far exceeding the value we currently create with the data. Though we are heading into a digitalized world, the exponential growth and complexity of data is creating new inefficiencies and inhibiting the power and insight that data can provide. Current data infrastructure and management is costly and unable to support the size, complexity, speed, and urgency of future data. 

About F33

F33 is a business-focused strategic services company specializing in data transformations that leverage ML and AI. The company offers a global portfolio of applied AI business solutions developed from proprietary intellectual property, engineered systems, and operational expertise. F33’s extensive suite of solutions are used by leading edge customers including Deutsche Bank, T-Mobile, and Discovery Channel.  To learn more about F33, visit f33.ai and f33labs.com

About Molecula

Molecula’s Cloud Data Access platform simplifies, accelerates, and improves control over big data infrastructure for advanced analytics, machine learning, and IoT workloads. Its unique ability to deliver highly-performant representations of large, distributed data sources eliminates the need to pre-aggregate or federate, thus reducing data delivery cycles and data gravity. Users have access to low-latency, ad hoc queries with at least 1000x improved performance and 10-100x reduced hardware footprint. Its management framework grants access to cell-level data, audits usage, tracks lineage, simplifies deployment and maintenance and manages infrastructure resources with improved governance and regulatory compliance. Molecula is based on Pilosa, an open-source project with 2,000+ users across many tier-one organizations. Molecula is headquartered in Austin, TX, and was founded in 2017 with a mission to unlock human potential through the power of data. To learn more about Molecula, visit molecula.com.

To learn more about the Molecula/F33 partnership, register for our joint webinar: Supercharge your AI / ML with F33 & Molecula on 9/30 at 9:00am PST.

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Greg Bigos, CEO

Greg Bigos is the CEO of F33, bringing over decades of experience in delivering ERP solutions for manufacturing, logistics, and retail industries.

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Behind F33
Wit Jakuczun, CTO

Wit Jakuczun is the CTO/Chief Data Science Officer at F33 with a PhD in Applied Mathematics and over 18 years of experience in mathematical modeling, data analysis, and simulations.

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