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GenAI – CyT Case Study

How F33'S Advanced Chatbot Solution Leveraged Google VertexAI's GenAI For Streamlining Information Access

Setting the Stage

Project Introduction

Explore how our chatbot solution, powered by advanced LLMs and Google VertexAI’s GenAI queries, has streamlined access to internal service details for over 3,000 employees. Witness significant efficiency gains and the groundwork laid for continuous technological innovation and improved decision-making.

Innovative Chatbot Solution

F33 developed a chatbot using advanced LLMs to enhance information retrieval within a leading production company.

Streamlined Information Access

The chatbot allows 3,000 employees to quickly access internal service details through Google VertexAI’s GenAI queries.

Significant Efficiency Gains

Implementation of the chatbot significantly reduced the time needed to find information, boosting productivity.

Future-Ready Advancements

The project emphasized the importance of data quality and set the stage for continuous technological innovation and improved decision-making.

Who We're Partnering With

About Our Client

Concha y Toro is recognized as the most admired wine brand in Latin America since 2016,  present in over 130 countries.

Our client is a leading production company employing approximately 3,000 professionals.

Understanding the Context

Client's challenge

Client is committed to enhancing internal communication and facilitating easier access to essential information contained within its comprehensive service manual. This manual details crucial information in PDF format, including service descriptions, responsible contacts, service conditions, levels of service, and applicant requirements for each business unit.

Understanding the intricacies of navigating this manual, the Client aspires to develop an intuitive system that allows employees to effortlessly obtain information through natural language queries. Such a system will enable staff members to pose questions in Spanish and receive clear, concise answers, significantly easing the process of securing service-related details.

The primary objective is to eliminate the challenges associated with sifting through the extensive documentation. The envisioned user-friendly platform aims to promote efficient and precise information retrieval. This empowers each employee with a deeper comprehension of service requests and related procedures, thus enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Innovative Cloud-Powered Approach

Introducing The Solution

At F33 our difference is defined not just by what we offer, but who we are and by how we approach problems and create solutions.

Innovative Chatbot Integration by F33

F33 has embarked on a journey to revolutionize data accessibility by deploying an innovative chatbot solution, underpinned by the latest advancements in Large Language Models (LLM) including the analytical prowess of PaLM 2. This leading-edge solution is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of the client, utilizing the robust services of the Google Cloud Platform to intelligently parse and present data.


Simplicity and Efficiency

The chatbot is engineered to simplify the user experience, eliminating the arduous task of manual searches through extensive documentation. By leveraging Google VertexAI’s GenAI capabilities, it empowers users to ask straightforward questions and receive accurate, detailed answers regarding the company’s internal processes.


Advancements in User Interaction

The integration of this chatbot marks a significant advancement in how users interact with data. F33’s approach has been to create a user-friendly interface that understands and responds to queries in natural language, mirroring a human-like interaction, which enhances user engagement and satisfaction.

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Google App Engine

Usage: Served as a scalable web server for hosting the application, providing a hassle-free development experience.

Benefits: Abstracted away infrastructure concerns, allowing a focus on code development, while ensuring automatic scaling based on demand.

Google Cloud Storage

Usage: Stored documents and intermediate steps of the workflow, offering a reliable and low-latency solution for diverse data types.

Benefits: Scalable object storage, ensuring data durability and efficient access for seamless data management within the application.

Google Vertex AI
Model Garden - PaLM

Usage: Implemented as a Large Language Model (LLM) from the Model Garden to intelligently answer user questions.

Benefits: Leveraged pre-trained language models for natural language processing, enhancing the intelligence and responsiveness of the application.

Google Vertex AI

Usage: Integrated as a context retriever to provide relevant information and enhance the search functionality.

Benefits: Empowered the application with robust search capabilities, enabling the retrieval of contextually pertinent data for an enriched user experience.
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Google Cloud Platform Services Used

Experience the heartbeat of our project as we showcase the essential Google Cloud services driving our success. From infrastructure to AI, explore the powerful technologies shaping our innovation.

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Measuring Success

Project Results

Blending AI with proven methods, our team delivers smart, tailored solutions that span diverse industries.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The chatbot’s implementation has led to a notable increase in the speed and ease of information retrieval. Users are now able to access the information they need swiftly and effortlessly, leading to an improved workflow and productivity. This marks a significant change from the previous situation, where obtaining specific data was a time-intensive process.


GenAI - Style Impact

The project’s success showcases a positive transition towards leveraging cutting-edge technologies, with the chatbot providing a prime example of operational effectiveness. Users experience an enhanced capacity to extract actionable insights from data, which is instrumental in informed decision-making and streamlining company operations.


Additional Indirect Benefits

The successful implementation of the chatbot extends beyond immediate improvements in data retrieval. It has opened avenues for the client to further embrace technological advancements. The insights gained from the project have also highlighted the importance of data quality, prompting recommendations for its upkeep, which is important for the proper flow of information within the company. Furthermore, this project has informed the client about current technology possibilities and limitations, paving the way for future innovation and exploration of new pathways.

Insights and Reflections

A Word From Our Client

“Excellent collaboration between professionals from different countries. The people at f33 have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and skills to lead the project to success. They were able to achieve the project objective thanks to a great focus on it and strict compliance with planning. I highly recommend working with f33 on GenAI related projects.”

Juan Enrique Rose
Concise Highlights

Project Summary


In this case study, we explored the transformative journey of a leading production company as it sought to enhance internal communication and information accessibility among its 3,000-strong workforce. Faced with the challenge of navigating a dense service manual, the client engaged F33 to develop a solution that streamlines the retrieval of information using Google VertexAI’s GenAI.


F33’s innovative approach led to the creation of a cutting-edge chatbot, integrating the latest in Large Language Models (LLM) and Google Cloud Platform services. This solution has redefined the user experience by providing quick, natural language responses to inquiries about internal processes, significantly reducing the time and effort previously required.


The results of this project have been profound. Not only has the chatbot improved operational efficiency by expediting access to information, but it has also demonstrated the vast potential of advanced technologies in enhancing decision-making and operational workflows. Additionally, the project spotlighted the critical nature of data quality, guiding the client towards best practices in data management.

In conclusion, the collaboration between the client and F33 has not only addressed the immediate challenges but has also paved the way for ongoing technological innovation, reinforcing the client’s position at the forefront of data-driven excellence in its industry.

Collaborative Excellence

F33 Team Working On The Project

machine learning engineer

Wit Jakuczun

PhD, Principal Data Scientist

ML Certificate

machine learning engineer

Adam Czyżewski

ML Engineer

ML Certificate

machine learning engineer

Maria Naklicka

ML Engineer

ML Certificate


Anna Balcerzak

Senior GenAI/Chatbot Consultant


Jose Caloca

ML Engineer

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