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Get A tailored 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation with an AI expert.

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Unbiased answer to your questions by experienced AI consultant.

Empowering Data Scientists

If you are a data scientist you will get prescriptive guidance how to tackle your next ML challenge.

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Unbiased answer to your questions by experienced AI consultant.

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Unbiased answer to your questions by experienced AI consultant.

Why Consult

Benefits of These Consultations

Enhance your business with our AI-driven consulting. We combine tech expertise and industry smarts for impactful, tailor-made solutions.

After You Reach Out

What’s Next?

Post-consultation, you’ll receive strategic recommendations to enhance your organization, with the option for ongoing collaboration if they align with your goals.

1. Ongoing Support

After consultation, we are still at your disposal.

2. Customized Strategies

You will receive a ready set of tips and recommendations that will help your organization.

3. Aligned Success

If you find our recommendations valuable and they align with your business goals, we will be happy to continue the conversation.

Consultation Process Overview

How will the consultations work in practice?

1. Form Submission​

You fill out a form on the website.

2. Initial Contact & Scheduling

We contact you and arrange a suitable time for the conversation.

3. Meeting Format & Duration

The meeting, typically 30 minutes long, can be held over the phone or via platforms like Google Meet.

4. Pre-Meeting Preparation

We will send you a list of questions to prepare for the meeting.

5. Post-Meeting Follow-Up

After the meeting, you will receive a summary of our conversation via email.

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Common Consultation Queries

Questions Customers Ask Us

Blending AI with proven methods, our team delivers smart, tailored solutions that span diverse industries.

Data Scientist

  1. How do I build a demand forecasting model?
  2. What challenges are common in demand forecasting?
  3. How can I demonstrate the ROI of our ML model to stakeholders?
  4. Which algorithm is best for my use case?
  5. Why does my model perform well in testing but not in production?
  6. How can I enhance the quality of my model?

Business Person

  1. How can I optimize inventory levels without compromising SLA?
  2. How can AI help improve employee retention in retail?
  3. How can I increase warehouse throughput in distribution/e-commerce?
  4. How can AI boost OEE in manufacturing?
  5. When should company X build in-house AI, and how?

IT Person

  1. How to encourage broader AI adoption among business colleagues?
  2. What processes ensure robust development, deployment, and maintenance of AI models?
  3. Should the data science team be part of IT or business?
  4. Which feature store is best for our needs?
  5. Is an MLOps platform necessary and how can we develop it iteratively?
  6. How do we prioritize business cases for AI validation?

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Get A tailored 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation with an AI expert.