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Explore how our AI-driven solutions can revolutionize profitability in key sectors. 


AI-driven predictive solutions can reduce maintenance costs by 10-40% and decrease downtime by 20-50%, leading to significant profit gains.


Solutions powered by AI can increase sales by 5-15%, while inventory optimization can reduce costs and increase margins by 5-20%.


AI-driven route optimization and fleet management can lead to cost savings of 5-25%, depending on the complexity of the logistics operations.

Energy & gas

AI applications in energy trading and grid optimization can lead to profit gains ranging from 5-20% through improved efficiency and better asset utilization.


AI-driven network optimization can reduce operational costs by 10-30% and improve customer satisfaction, leading to increased revenue.

Banking & insurance

AI applications in fraud detection and risk assessment can prevent potential losses and improve operational efficiency, contributing to profit gains of 5-15%.

Our Solution’s Value

Integrate AI Algorithms

Into Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

calendar_today Many alternative schedules with different objectives and parameters.
precision_manufacturing Automated schedule generation that fulfills technology and business requirements.
fit_width Minimized manual gantt editing.
account_tree Handling alternative resources, changeovers, preferred sequences, and other.
lightbulb Production process advisory.
trending_up Managed services to scale scheduling process.
psychology Advanced AI optimization algorithms.
database Access to different data sources like ERP, CRM, MES and other.
Scheduling Assistant

How does it work?

At F33, we’re proud to introduce our AI-powered Scheduler – a game-changing solution designed to elevate your production plans and drive unparalleled efficiency.

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Scheduling quality

Analyze multiple schedules to find the best one

We can help. Imagine you can:

Have many alternative schedules to choose from to have the best results.
Build part of a schedule manually and ask robot to finish the job for you.

Reaction time

After new orders, due to breakdowns, or due to delayed production times

We can help. Imagine you can:

Adjust your schedules in minutes, not hours or days.
Calculate how changing your production line (e.g. new machine) would affect your schedules before you buy it.

Optimal decisions

to deal with production bottlenecks

We can help. Imagine you can:

Generate schedules ready to be executed without manual intervention as they follow all business rules, even very specific to your company.
Have automated high quality schedules no matter who is responsible for the task. You can plan everything (e.g. production maintenance breaks).

Fewer errors

Due to low quality tools like Excel

We can help. Imagine you can:

Fully control what is important for you - objectives and constraints.
Have AI algorithms integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central system.
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Overcoming Obstacles

Two critical barriers that stand in the way of progress

Learn how our AI scheduler application tackles key barriers in the manufacturing sector, propelling progress with efficiency and precision.

Production planning is time-consuming

Traditional planning methods, where every operation is manually mapped out, severely limit your ability to adapt and scale. Let’s transition from manual to automated planning solutions that streamline your processes and enhance efficiency.

Limited Visibility Beyond Predefined Plans

Relying solely on the rigid, coded schedules within your ERP system constrains your operational flexibility. It’s time to explore solutions that offer the agility to move beyond the ‘happy flow’ and adapt to the dynamic needs of your business.


Greg Bigos

20+ years of experience in Enterprise software, infra and consulting leadership.

ERP Specialist.

Wit Jakuczun

18+ years practical experience in data science, analytics & advanced mathematics.

PhD in Machine Learning and a practitioner in Operations Research

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